Things to do in Barcelona which you didn´t expect were possible

In the following section we’ll introduce all the things to do in Barcelona and Catalonia which you can do with BTD. We suggest you adapt these ideas to your own taste, making the trip your own. You’ll choose from multiple areas, you might decide to create a themed trip, or perhaps you´ll design a mix of experiences. Whatever you´re looking for, you will find it. If you would like to hear our suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be so glad to help you in any way!

How do you know where to start, when there are so many things to do in Barcelona and Catalonia? We can help you! Culture, gastronomy and sport are available 365 days of the year, and we will guide you through the options to make the perfect itinerary for you!

Designing a trip in Barcelona is like preparing a good paella; first of all, we select the best ingredients – is it mountain, sea or mixed? (as we say). To continue, we cook these ingredients methodically. We add, mix and stir carefully to prepare the best dish ever. Similarly, with your initial idea combined with our knowledge, you’ll taste unique sensations, accompanied with all the complements you desire. It looks wonderful, doesn’t it?

Talking about paellas… One good trick to avoid disappointments with pre-cooked or frozen paellas is the following advice: if you see a restaurant with lots of pictures of paella outside, don’t enter…! One of the worst things to do in Barcelona is to be scammed by a restaurant with really bad paella. The alternative, 100% safe option is to let Barcelona Travel Designers include the best quality restaurants in your customized itinerary.

Big and little things to do in Barcelona, by Barcelona Travel Designers

Barcelona is the city that never rests. During winter, the snow creates endless opportunities in the snow-capped mountains. Meanwhile in spring and summer, hundreds of adventure sports mean you are never short of things to do in Barcelona. A unique gastronomy full of seasonal dishes and fresh products will provide you the best dishes to eat all year round.

To feel the moutain water bubbling against your skin, or gliding through the Pyrenees snow, or tasting volcanic food of “la Garrotxa”, or sleeping under the stars in a boat in front of Cadaqués are, without a doubt, some of the best things to do in Barcelona.