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The best travel agency Barcelona, want to know why?

We are a travel agency Barcelona and Catalonia and we offer other agencies the chance to customize trips without limits. We are experts and passionate about our region and we want to share it with you.

BTD are a totally free travel agency Barcelona. We are not subjected to any tour operator nor any private-public tourism companies. We prefer to choose our own way. If you are looking for a refined support before, during and after of your trips, don’t hesitate to contact Barcelona Travel Designers. We totally respect tour-operated activities for the masses, but we think you and your clients deserve much more than that.

Exclusivity doesn’t need to be unattainable… not with BTD

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Our operation is so simple:

only 3 steps to an amazing trip in Barcelona

Your idea

Inspiring by one of our proposals, or not… you contact us and explain your idea of a trip to offer to your clients; what to do, how many days and services.

Our design

As a travel agency Barcelona, we’ll study your proposal or start from 0, designing your customized trip until we achieve exactly what you are looking for.

Everything ready to travel!

Once we have sent all the required documentation, it’s time to enjoy the designed trip. Furthermore, with our 24/7 support you can enjoy it with 0 worries.

We are a travel agency Barcelona unassociated to any big tourism enterprises of the city.

Tourism is growing more and more in Barcelona, sometimes to the point of being a little bit annoying when we visit some monuments. As a good incoming travel agency Barcelona, we have the formula to travel with total comfort and complete calmness. We always offer unique experiences with the best professionals, taking care of even the smallest detail. It´s for this reason that all our activities, their location, services and staff will be accurately selected. You can choose from Guesthouses or hostels, to 5-star Grand Luxe hotels, and we always ensure exclusivity and the best treatment.

Yes! Of course we’ll find it!

Luckily, in Barcelona and Catalonia we have endless gastronomy, a huge cultural heritage and a land full of contrast with urban, coast, high mountains and countryside landscapes; so whatever you are asking for, we’ll find it!

Always at your disposal, BTD, your best travel agency Barcelona.