Barcelona in 3 days… maybe too short, or maybe not, it will surprise you!

Barcelona in 3 days, an exclusive tour for you and no-one else. We propose a tour adaptable (as always) for you with all the activities you like. For this reason, you can shape the look of your trip, making it more cultural, sportive, gastronomical or all these things. There are only 3 days and we need to have fun and visit all the potential of this city and surroundings in this time!

All you need to know about what to do in Barcelona in 3 days, and also what to avoid…

In the following section, we’ll show a standard itinerary, completely modifiable by you. You are the travellers, so you have the right to decide what do you want to do. For this reason, in BTD we help you with everything you need!

All year round

4 days 3 nights

> 2 people


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We will help you with everything you need, before, during and after your trip


Some of the biggest and best attractions of this trip

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To discover Barcelona from different angles: from the streets to the viewpoints

Private excursions to discover the best areas of Montserrat; sightseeing, cultural visits, trekking, via ferrata or climbing

What to do in Barcelona in 3 days is so much more than you think…

Your dream trip is just 3 steps away

All you need is an idea…we manage the rest


Inspiring by one of our proposals, or not… you contact us and explain your idea of a trip; what to do, how many days and services.


As a travel agency Barcelona, we’ll study your proposal or start from 0, designing your customized trip until we achieve exactly what you are looking for.


Once we have sent all the required documentation, it’s time to enjoy the designed trip. Furthermore, with our 24/7 support you can enjoy it with 0 worries.

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