Visit Spain: all the tricks you need to experience your best trip ever

Barcelona is without a doubt a good spot to start, continue, or finish a trip when you visit Spain. At BTD we have all the necessary tools to show you the best areas of this country.

If Barcelona isn’t enough and you are looking to travel around Spain, you should know that this land is full of different landscapes and environments. The Atlantic North, with its famous cliffs and wet weather contrasts completely to the Mediterranean South in Andalucía with crystalline coasts and amazing historic architecture. This is one of the most remarkable characteristics of this country. Throughout the centuries, different civilizations have lived in the Iberic peninsula, and this is probably the biggest treasure to uncover for all the people who love travelling. Celtics, Ibers, Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Jews and Muslims have left so much culture, architecture and heritage.

For better or worse, one of the main Spanish traditions is the afternoon nap, known for everyone as the “siesta”. Scientists of different countries have searched for explanations about this phenomenon without a concrete conclusion. But in BTD we have the answer: we have one of the best (if not the best) gastronomies in the world. We love eating! And after all that incredible food and wine, we find our eyes closing… To visit Spain is to eat… “tapas” and “jamón” in the south, “pinchos” and “chuletones” in the north, sea-food in Galicia or paellas in Valencia… there is no area without its own local food…

Chipirones, paella, pinchos y chuletones…” essential food to eat when you visit Spain

To visit Spain also means to drink around Spain… There are so many certificate of origin wines like “La Rioja” or “Rivera del Duero”. After all, this amazing gastronomy wouldn’t be the complete without being accompanied with a good wine or cider.

There is no doubt we need more than one life to taste this land in all the possible senses. Experiences are unlimited, as are all the places to visit; Meseta, The Pyrenees, Baleraic or Canary Islands, the Atlantic North… for this reason we’ll design your customized itinerary to visit Spain in your style during the time you have.